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NETdefence offers a comprehensive range of IT security services providing protection across the network, safeguarding perimeter, critical assets, data, remote users, customers and partners. NETdefence IT security services illustrated in NETdefence service framework shown on the right are designed to address and mitigate the full spectrum of IT security risks for organizations of all sizes. The four service classes are

Governance, Compliance & Certification
Design, Architect & Planning
Management, Assessment & Benchmark
Infrastructure Implementation & Support

NETdefence IT Security Service Framework

NETdefence management is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards in our service delivery. Our offerings and engagement processes are continually being refined and improved as a result of our experience on all of our client engagements. We leverage our research to consistently integrate industry best practice quality standards and trends into all of our services. Our consultants come equipped with the knowledge, experience, vertical industry depth, and tools associated with the specific offering being delivered. In addition, NETdefence has an established organizational infrastructure to support overall quality of delivery and the success of our consultants.




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