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  Management, Assessment & Benchmark

NETdefence offers a wide range of security services to organizations of all sizes to manage and assess IT security risks. NETdefence Professional Services Team has conducted hundreds of penetration testing, security risk assessment and security audit for business and government organizations. Our clients span across many industries, including aviation, banking, travel, insurance, telecommunication, news services, education, sports, gaming, e-commerce, government, statutory, regulatory and more.

NETdefence offers the following professional services to address your specific needs.

Security Awareness Program Development & Training

Privacy Impact Assessment

Enterprise Security Risk Assessment and Analysis
Authentication and Authorization Security Assessment
Penetration Testing
General Controls Testing
Network Security Assessment
Physical Security Assessment
Secure Code Audits
System Testing
Vulnerability Assessments
Web Application Testing
Wireless Assessment

Incident Response Services
Emergency Response
Forensics Investigation
Incident Handling Services
Internal Audit Support
Malicious Code Analysis
Response Planning & Analysis
Response Testing & Capability Analysis

Security Audit
Compliance Security Audit
Supplier Security Audit

Managed Security Services
Firewall / IDS / IPS Management
Log Monitoring
Vulnerability Scanning
Web Application Scanning

Residency Services
Executive Residency
Expert Residency
Technical Residency




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