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  Infrastructure Implementation & Support

NETdefence Professional Services Team has extensive knowledge and experience in deploying security solutions from major vendors. We offers a comprehensive range of IT security solutions and services to business and government organization in the region. NETdefence leverages its knowledge of leading edge security technologies, vendor partnerships, and on-site customer experience to assist customers to solve real IT security issues.

Our team has over a decade of track records in security infrastructure solution design, implementation and support. We offer a  range of IT security products and solutions to assist our customers to meet their security goals.

Whether you are seeking assistance in managing a complete project or help in implementing specific project phases, our Professional Services Team can assist you. A typical implementation involves some or all of the following:

Proof of Concept Demonstration or Evaluation
Project Planning and Management
Equipment Procurement and Staging
Solution Configuration
Function and Performance Testing
Reliability Testing
Product Training
Post Implementation Review
Upgrade, Maintenance & Support



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