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  Design, Architect & Planning

Business and government organizations today are undergoing unprecedented pace of transformation where the dependence on information and communication technologies are on an ever increased rate.

Formal IT security functions are vital risk management instruments that continually evaluate the ever-changing threats, vulnerability, and risks to organizational assets.

Design, architect and planning, taking into account the threat landscape, are regarded as the most effective strategy to manage IT security risks. The following services are available from NETdefence:
Information Security Program Development & Governance
Business Impact Analysis, Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan Development
Corporate Information Security Program Development
Policies, Standards, and Security Baseline Development
Incident Response Planning (IRP)
Vendor Management Security Program
Enterprise Security Architecture Design
Cloud and Virtual Computing Security Design
Network Security Architecture
Remote Access
Wireless and Mobility Architecture
Application Security
Security in the SDLC Cycle
Secure Coding Standard & Practice




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